Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Praise and thanks!!!

Celebrating good news! I just got word that a grant that I applied for to help with the therapy evaluation costs in CT came through approved! They're going to reimburse us most of the costs of the therapy sessions with Lori!!!!! Huge thanks to Tricia Theis Rogalski for the tip for UHCCF! You're the best! And praising God once again for provision for our family! Those funds will be directed right back into her upcoming therapies. SO many have shared and been so generous, SO many are donating to the yard sale that's gonna be a "mega" version of the usual. We are blessed. Humbled. Amazed. WOW!

(Non-fb friends, this was a status I posted earlier this afternoon.  The yard sale I refer to is soon to be set on a date, but we have lots of donations that will be sold.  If you want to clean out, feel free to let me know and we’ll come get stuff. Well, for the locals anyway. ha!)