Monday, February 23, 2009

Back from Grammy's

I had a good time at Grammy's. I played with Auntie Joy alot, and I practiced my eating with Grammy. I've been eating some little bits every day that Grammy was at our house and when I was at her house. That's right... eating! I'm still only taking a little bit, but it's pretty yummy and Grammy and Mommy say I'm doing a good job!

Here's some pictures from Grammy's house when she made me some carrots. They were good!

(Mommy note: She is really doing well, and we're cautiously optimistic. If you've followed Miss Stubborn for a while, you know that she tends to do things that are encouraging, when it comes to food, and then she just quits it all. So we usually are a bit skeptical that new things like this will last, but she's been consistent now for close to three weeks. AND she's doing it for me, which is a good sign. She generally eats well in these phases for my mom and occasionally a therapist, but never for me. At this point, she's eating two to three times a day, about 3 tablespoons of food each time, either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding. I'm glad, and I'm doing my best in this new period of busyness and sleeplessness to keep up with very regular feedings. So far so good... we'll see how it goes as we move forward. We're celebrating this progress, though. I'm thrilled that she's taken these steps!)

On Sunday, after church, Grammy and Papa took me to see Mommy and Daddy and Kinlee. I was very glad to see Daddy especially! We had some lunch and then we came home.

Well, we didn't go home right away. First, we went to meet Baby Xander, my new cousin. He's just one week younger than Kinlee. He's pretty cute!

Then we went home because we were having friends come over. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my cute hair. Grammy put little braids in my hair, and Mommy and Daddy thought they were really great when they saw me at the restaurant! They're kind of messy here, but we'll do them again soon and take better pictures.

Our friends Amber and Katelyn came over with their parents to meet Kinlee and they brought us dinner, too! The girls are so funny. They were dancing and we played alot!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Improvement is nice

She's picked up a bit on the feeding, so that's good. She's been performing biological functions consistently, so that's good.

She's still cute, so that's good, too. There's more info on her blog if you feel the need...oh, and pics are there too, of course.

I'm tired, so it's time to attempt one more feeding and off to bed for a bit.

Late-breaking news...we've found a way to wake her to eat. Give her to her Daddy. She seems to not be so fond.

Home sweet home

It's so nice to be home. I love my bed. And I love my recliner. And,'s home.

Kinlee is doing well. Yesterday she had a day of almost no eating, and she didn't produce her required number of wet diapers. (You might have seen the post on my blog...I think she decided she didn't want to be talked about like that.) We gave her an ultimatum, and she responded. Good little girl. We were finally able to wake her enough for her to eat before bed, and she had a good feeding. She slept 4 hours, and we got her up and awake enough to feed again. Then back to sleep for 4 more. I cannot complain. I enjoyed the sleep, let me tell ya! (It's partially due to my mom letting Kinlee sleep next to her, as I wake with every coo and noise she makes. Same reason I can't sleep with Braska in my room either.)

Today, she's fed ok and she's napping very well. She had a little bit of a sunbath to try to prevent any jaundice issues. So far, we're in good shape there. Her "output" is getting more in line with where we want it, so I'm feeling good about things.

And by popular's some more pics for you to enjoy.

From Tuesday... little skinny hands with LONG fingers. Everyone in the delivery room commented on her hands right after her feet... maybe we're just used to Braska's cute little short ones.

And wrinkly knees. I just think they're funny.

She was not a big fan of the going home outfit.

Doing a little sunnin' today.

Giving us the indication that we might need to have a particular talk about not smoking, earlier than usual.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hmmmmm...same deal, different daughter

We're home, with the all clear. How are we??

Let's see, does this sound familiar?

Newborn girl. Content to sleep all day and night. Not interested in food. Won't wake to eat. Doesn't wake crying when hungry at night. Doesn't complain for diaper change. Doesn't cry when getting shots.

Yeah. Good times. At least this time there's no heart issue...

All in all, it wouldn't be a bad deal if it weren't for that nutrition and necessary fluid intake thing. We shall see if things improve on the feeding homefront very soon. Otherwise, we'll have to take the next steps.

I'm totally fine with the contentedness and good demeanor, don't get me wrong! Just need to eat enough to sustain. She's down to 6 lb 12 oz. One super skinny little thing, that's for sure, with the 21.5 inches.

We're employing every type of waking trick. It works enough to see the eyes, make her a little whiny, and then about 60 seconds after she is getting food, g'night and thanks for playing.

So we'll see... she's awfully cuddly with all this sleeping, though. That's not so bad.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little update and more newborn pics

We had an ok night, got some sleep, ate ok, until about 5:00 am when she decided to just be awake and a little whiny for a while. We made it through.

Pediatrician's check this morning was ok...not perfect. There is an issue with her left hip, not unheard of, but something to check out. A definite click/clunk, as they call it. Possible hip dysplasia. We'll have it checked out with an ultrasound to see what's up in the next week or so, sounds like. But that explains why she has really hated being messed with on that leg for diapers. No biggie...we listened and said, "Got it. We can handle that." What a difference life experience makes, huh? We'll be here til tomorrow morning then head home. M may go back to work tomorrow, since my mom is here, to save a few days for when we're on our own next week.

Now, on to the pics, and I'm gonna see if I can catch a little nap after some feeding.

Sleeping beauty. (Anyone see a resemblance in that profile... and you SO better not say her mommy!)

Soft, dark hair, with one little blond patch that you can't see here.

One very wrinkled and VERY long foot!

One nibblin' good ear...again, some of you will recognize this ear.

Snuggling with one very tired (but freshly showered...yay!!) Mommy.

Checking things out on day 2.