Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A little update and more newborn pics

We had an ok night, got some sleep, ate ok, until about 5:00 am when she decided to just be awake and a little whiny for a while. We made it through.

Pediatrician's check this morning was ok...not perfect. There is an issue with her left hip, not unheard of, but something to check out. A definite click/clunk, as they call it. Possible hip dysplasia. We'll have it checked out with an ultrasound to see what's up in the next week or so, sounds like. But that explains why she has really hated being messed with on that leg for diapers. No biggie...we listened and said, "Got it. We can handle that." What a difference life experience makes, huh? We'll be here til tomorrow morning then head home. M may go back to work tomorrow, since my mom is here, to save a few days for when we're on our own next week.

Now, on to the pics, and I'm gonna see if I can catch a little nap after some feeding.

Sleeping beauty. (Anyone see a resemblance in that profile... and you SO better not say her mommy!)

Soft, dark hair, with one little blond patch that you can't see here.

One very wrinkled and VERY long foot!

One nibblin' good ear...again, some of you will recognize this ear.

Snuggling with one very tired (but freshly showered...yay!!) Mommy.

Checking things out on day 2.


  1. Yep she really does have some of her daddy's features. :o) (Poor thing.)

  2. I thought when I first saw her yesterday that she seemed to resemble M! wow

  3. Congratulations and welcome beautiful girl! You sure do look like your daddy!

  4. I thought as soon as I saw her that she look a little like Munch. Funny thing though, now that you put up those picts today, I think she has your eyes. It is the mouth and maybe the nose that look like her daddy. As I told curt when Ali was born..."Munch, you're pretty as a girl:o)" She's beautiful! So glad to see you all doing well!

  5. She is just beautiful... She also has some very pretty eyes!

    When my daughter was born (18mo ago) during pushing, her collar bone broke. We didnt know this until day 2 when she would not stop fussing when i tried to nurse her on that side. Peditrician came in the second day and said...found the problem. I guess since her whole head and body came out at the same time, the doctor was not able to pull one shoulder out at a time and it snapped her collar bone. it took 10 weeks to heal, but she is fine now.
    Babies bones heal fast and Kinlee will be just fine.

    I will pray for her hip!

    Congrats again, she is just perfect, and yes I think she looks like Daddy a bit.

  6. What a sweet face! And the ones of Braska with her are precious.

  7. She is so sweet and beautiful RK!! Congratulations!!

  8. She sure is a bright eyed little gal. And a beauty. So she obviously has some of her Mommy in her. :)

  9. oh I love that last shot - how wide awake and alert she looks! and the little toes! sigh...the newborn phase goes too fast! I hope you were able to catch a nap!

  10. I liked the hand shaking picture, very formal, could you work on a fist bump shot now?

  11. She is adorable and we are so excited for you all!

  12. Well Miss Kinlee, Grandma C has a bad cold which doesn't make me happy in the least cause I can't come up and nuzzle your cheeks. But when I first looked at your picture, I said, Wow, she looks just like her mom. Then Papaw looked at the pic and said, "Wow, she looks just like Munch." And then I got an email from Aunt Doris today and she said, "Wow, she looks just like Ethon." So Kinlee don't dispair, you really look just like you.


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