Thursday, February 12, 2009

Improvement is nice

She's picked up a bit on the feeding, so that's good. She's been performing biological functions consistently, so that's good.

She's still cute, so that's good, too. There's more info on her blog if you feel the need...oh, and pics are there too, of course.

I'm tired, so it's time to attempt one more feeding and off to bed for a bit.

Late-breaking news...we've found a way to wake her to eat. Give her to her Daddy. She seems to not be so fond.


  1. That's really funny! It must be something about those 2nd kids...Gracie wanted nothing to do with Randy for about the 1st 6 mo. or so...and now she cries most days when he leaves for work. So tell Munch not to worry about it, she'll be a total Daddy's girl in no time. And you should soak it up now, cause once they make the switch...well let's just say it's not the same:o)

    Glad to hear the eating is picking up!

  2. I understand, Muncher. I have 4 daughters (as you know well) and they are all "momma's girls" -- of course, I know Jan and I know me so it's really a no-brainer!

  3. Ha! That's too funny. :) She's doing great RK!!


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