Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hmmmmm...same deal, different daughter

We're home, with the all clear. How are we??

Let's see, does this sound familiar?

Newborn girl. Content to sleep all day and night. Not interested in food. Won't wake to eat. Doesn't wake crying when hungry at night. Doesn't complain for diaper change. Doesn't cry when getting shots.

Yeah. Good times. At least this time there's no heart issue...

All in all, it wouldn't be a bad deal if it weren't for that nutrition and necessary fluid intake thing. We shall see if things improve on the feeding homefront very soon. Otherwise, we'll have to take the next steps.

I'm totally fine with the contentedness and good demeanor, don't get me wrong! Just need to eat enough to sustain. She's down to 6 lb 12 oz. One super skinny little thing, that's for sure, with the 21.5 inches.

We're employing every type of waking trick. It works enough to see the eyes, make her a little whiny, and then about 60 seconds after she is getting food, g'night and thanks for playing.

So we'll see... she's awfully cuddly with all this sleeping, though. That's not so bad.


  1. If it's not one thing, it's another, eh? I don't envy you this situation, even though I didn't like how cry-y Rainer was either. I recall VERY WELL how it is to have a sleepy, non-eater and it's just as hard (if not harder) in a lot of ways because you STILL HAVE TO GET UP only there's not that convenient baby crying urgency to get the adrenaline pumping! To be fair, Rainer was content for about 5 days after he was born. In part because he had to go through that rigorous being BORN business, but he was also slightly jaundiced. Any issues with that?

    Oh the ol' washcloth on the face trick...I've been there my dear. Her's hoping she peps up (just enough and not any more) soon.

    Hugs from all of you!

  2. I missed the day! Oh no! I've been behind in my blogging and reader and now you're already home. Got to back and read.

    I hope things get better soon on the feeding front.

  3. Hang in there. Sawyer was the same way. I was flipping and riding the train. When I decided to use another method things took off. BTW: She looks like Munch!

  4. Cuddly is good. And she does have half Muncher's genes, but still eating and waking is good.

  5. dear me, what's with the no interest in food and your children! I want some of that - maybe there is a way to even it out a bit so we all crave just the right amounts at the right times....and just because I will list my favorite wake-up strategies
    -diaper change
    -strip down to diaper
    -rub feet
    -lay on her back w/out swaddling
    I'm sure the odds are you've tried them all (I mean my goodness your mom is with you and she's had 6!) but just in case...

  6. Oh RK, this to shall pass :) But until she gets the idea of waking for eating, I agree with the stripping down to the diaper. My kids stayed awake for longer that way. All will be good soon. It always is. Blessings.

  7. She'll be fine. Maddy was the same way for the first week or so, it was like nothing would wake that kid! Cold wash cloth to the tummy was what worked best for her. But she still fell asleep as soon as I took if off her belly. I would go get one just before I woke her up. I would change her diaper to get things going then use the wash cloth throughout the feeding to keep her up. It was definitely more work than I thought it should be, but in the long run it turned out to be a great thing. Once she got the hang of it she would eat what she needed and sleep what she needed and all in all was the best baby ever. So get that cold wash cloth and here's to having a good sleeper in months to come. I'll be praying that she picks up on it quick. Oh and make sure you have someone that you feel like you can talk to about it, it helps a lot:o) Feel free to call any time if you need some encouragement or just someone to bounce ideas off. I'll get up in the middle of the night to talk to you:o) She'll pick it up soon!

  8. I found the two kids I was put into active labor with were extremely sleepy the first week or so. I'ts like their internal clocks are still trying to adjust to the outside world. One of their pediatricians told me that babies sleep as their defense mechanism in adjusting to new and different things, so predict you will have one squalling, hungry baby in a few days:) Have fun snuggling in the meantime. She's just letting you get caught up on your rest before she decides to let her true colors shine!

  9. Awe I just love sleeping babies. She will start eating's just a new world, new home and she just wants to rest.

    I always did the rub your fingernail up the bottom of the foot.

  10. My son was the same way...try stripping down to the diaper and holding her in the palms of your hands and rubbing her back. That really made my son mad, but it did wake him up long enough to feed. She should grow out of that...pretty tirying thing to be born:) Everyone from Busey sends their congrats!

  11. Oh yeah, give her a week or two. She'll be screaming at all hours then.

    I remember, with my first, how he was such a good quiet little sleeper the first few nights in the hospital. I was silently smug about it all, about how good he was and how lucky I was. Then we got him home, and all bets were off.

    Congratulations again! More pictures!

  12. I'd give you more advice, but I think you have gotten plenty. Hang in there and enjoy the quiet whilst you can!


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