Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Field trip. On a bus!

My class is going on a field trip today. And we get to ride the big bus from the high school!!  I love riding a bus so much!

This is me and two of my friends. Both their names begin with A. I say they are awesome!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

For Mrs. E. My memory verse.

On Friday, I had Mrs. S in my class at school because Mrs. E had to go be with her family for the day.  I like Mrs. S. It was memory verse day, which is when we have to say our verse to our teacher so we can show we know it. 

I like to memorize things, because I can usually remember really well.  But I didn’t show Mrs. S that I could do the verse, even though I know it.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, and sometimes my memory seems to get a little tired.

So Mrs. E says she will give me another chance to tell her the verse, since she knows I like to tell her my verses best of all. 

But Mommy thought that—just in case I get in a little grouchy mood tomorrow—she would get a little movie of me practicing so Mrs. E could see that I really did know it.

So here you go…  I thought you might want to see it, too.

I can’t believe school only has 3 weeks left! Kindergarten has been GREAT!

Faces today: Sunday evening at home

(To see some video that went along with the above picture, click here. )


Friday, April 19, 2013

City cowgirl

Today was cowboy/cowgirl day at school.  I don’t really have anything like that.  So we decided a star on my shirt and my tan boots would have to do the job.  Kind of a city girl, I am.  Some kids had cowboy boots and hats and vests. I’ll have to do some shopping before next cowboy day! (Aunt Karol, I so needed your help today! )

Still cute, though, I say!

Adorable Besties

Two pretty little 4-year-olds.  I cannot wait to see these girls in 10 years, hopefully still close friends!

Somewhere there may exist a pic of Ella’s mom and I, from 25 years ago when we were teens…  or maybe not since there weren’t digital cameras back in the old days.  But it’s fun to see our kids hang out together now.  What a neat life circle to bring our families to the same neighborhood, church, and life group.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hot head sisters

We are home from school today. Our heads are really hot. And our bodies too. Dr A says no school tomorrow either,  so I'll miss my field trip. I don't like that! 

KiKi is hotter than me,  but she still smiles for mommy...