Friday, January 29, 2010

More visits with friends

A few weeks ago, we went to see my friends Connor and Lucas.  They used to live in the town where I lived when I was a tiny baby.  Now they live in a different place, just like us.  But a different different place.

So we went to see them and play for a couple days.  They have the BEST playroom and SO many toys!  And they also have the best mommy and daddy for reading books!  Mr. Matt and Miss Nico read lots of books to me and KiKi, and I love books, so that was my favorite part.

They also have a chair I call the thinking chair.  Like Steve has on Blues Clues, you know.  This is me showing Mommy how I smile.  She says I need to practice a little.

Here’s KiKi playing in the playroom.  She had a lot of fun in there.

And before we left, all us kids got on the couch for a picture.  Mommy and Miss Nico took a bunch because we were being a little silly and not listening all the time.

Then Connor took a turn.  He’s pretty good!  

And Miss Nico helped Lucas take one, too. 

We had fun, guys!! Thanks for letting us play and feeding us lots of yummy food!  We can’t wait til we can play with your new little sister! (That’s what I hope it is…the new baby.  They need a little girl like me!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chicken broth rocks!

I got my Wii Fit in today--a little yoga (warrior, sun salutation, etc) and some strength (lunges, etc), and some step. The step was a bit more challenging than normal because I was holding a very feisty and unhappy-when-not-attached-to-Mommy 11-month-old. It made it just that much more effective, right?!?

Another day down with no cheating...I'm not even licking my fingers when giving the girls meals, even tearing up pizza for KiKi. That's something. Because I'm horrible about nibbling while I'm feeding them. But nope, I'm all in. Well, I don't know if you can say that just 2 days in, but still. I'm impressed with myself.

I got very hungry today, but I made it. We were very busy with all the aforementioned running around, but tonight I needed something. So--with the docs approval, never fear--I had a cup of hot chicken broth tonight, and it hit the spot. A little something to do with my hands and nice and warm to boot.

It would have been nice if it were crunchy or meaty or sweet or anything really, but it was successful in keeping me from looking for something else. So it did it's job.

Oh, and Cate--Great ideas, the schedule is pretty fixed. Lunch time is not flexible, some days M stays at work, but we try not to do that more than we have to. I have wondered about doing a 1230 lunch, which would be great, but it hasn't been possible yet, and probably won't be. The girls are asleep til we get them up to put them in the car to take M to work, and I can't hardly stand to get them up earlier. They won't eat for a while after they get up anyway. So we'll have to deal for now and figure it out as we go.

And no, this won't be my only blog topic, but it's new and I'm trying to stick with it... so bear with me. I'll probably be doing little updates on Twitter (which is now in the right margin) and spare all you blog readers from the boring blather.

Last notes on Day 1. Welcome Day 2

For Maggie M--Those cattle ranchers should be so darn proud of you!!! :o) Since I'm following the docs orders at this stage, he said no red meat. None. And he encouraged me to make that just part of the new norm as well. We'll see about that. I love a good steak or vegetable beef soup with nice big chunks. (A certain mother-in-law makes a very nice version.) And a big juicy burger with all the fixin's. Yum! But for now, it'll be no beef. I even gave away all the frozen beef that I had so others could enjoy it.

For Mom--No, there will be no deer. Period. Not now, not ever.

As for day 1--I made it. I got it all in. Mostly. The chicken and broccoli were good, some of the best chicken I've made, thankfully.

With a little assistance, I cleared out the pantry and fridge/freezer of everything that is not something we can eat (I kept a little good stuff for M...he's not really 100%, and he doesn't have to be) and not something Kinlee can eat. Otherwise, it's gone. I ended the day not feeling well, though I don't think it was food related. But it was no fun, so I went to bed early.

Mornings are hard, as we get up, get girls up and changed, load everyone in the van and take M to work. Then we come home, unload girls, feed them, get them dressed if we didn't get to do it before the work drop-off, load them up again, and leave (all in less than 30 minutes) to take Braska to school. So by the time I get home after that, it's almost 930 and I haven't eaten yet. I'm not overly hungry, but it throws the whole schedule of the snack in the morning and a decent lunch time.

As a point of reference, work is 12-15 minutes each way (only 3 miles) and school is 9-12 minutes each way (only 2 miles--gotta love the city).

Of course, lunch is another issue. I pick Braska up at noon, then we sometimes come home (having only about 20 minutes before leaving again) or we spend that 20 minutes finding something to do in the car until we have to head over to pick up M for lunch at 1. Then it's home, feed girls if they haven't eaten yet and get Kinlee to nap (if I'm sending the van back with M). Or the girls and M get lunch while I do the feeding for the little ones. Then it's time to load up again and take him back by 2. Then it's home, unload girls, get girls to nap, and then I can eat. Again, not ideal timing.

But it's easy to see there why our eating habits are bad, and they have been forever. We eat on the run ALL the time. We never sit at the table, the girls are in their chairs and I'm feeding them while M is in the living room or downstairs or doing whatever. I eat a bite here and there, or I eat in the car. If I do eat at home, it's standing at the counter or in between feeding one girl or the other.

I realize some of you have conquered these issues of juggling kids and husbands and families and food and even work. My hat's off to you. We've got a long way to go.

For now, it's time to get my oatmeal and egg whites (which I am now eating from boiled eggs...can't do the scrambled). Maybe I'll get time for a shower before I need to go pick up Braska. A girl can dream.

Monday, January 18, 2010


To answer a few questions…

It’s not just for 7 days, but I’m following it exactly as prescribed for 7 days and then we might alter a veggie or two, add a healthy something here or there. But overall, the goal is to make something very close to this my new norm…for quite a while.  It’s going to be a long road.

The important parts according to my doc, who is a fitness/health nut, are to drink the water right before the meal, like all at once.  Then for lunch and dinner to eat the veggies next, then the meat.  The high-fiber broccoli helps me to feel full.  And though I like broccoli, 2 cups is a lot of broccoli!

We’re still doing Wii Fit Plus, but I’ve had a few days off.  Lots of evening activities and by the time I get home and put the kids to bed, I’m in no mood for listening to the little voices talk to me on the Wii.  I’d like to be able to do it in the morning, but scheduling is difficult with work and school drop-offs, etc., and tiny hands interfering.

We’ll see how it goes.  I just baked a bunch of chicken so I’m good for a few days of meals.  I like that part, not much cooking!!  I divided it up in 4 oz pieces and it’s ready to go, about 4 days worth for me and M.  I plan to get some salmon fillets too, they are yummy and come in 4 oz fillets, nice and handy.

This morning I learned I don’t care for egg whites scrambled.  We might do some boiling and I can eat them that way, sans yolks.  I didn’t quite get all the oatmeal down, but without the butter and brown sugar, it sure lacks something!  A little Splenda and cinnamon and it was almost ok.

It’s 2:30p and I just finished my lunch, it’s been one of those days.  Running and picking up, dropping off, feeding kids, etc.  But the 2 cups of broccoli wasn’t bad at all.  And I even ate it straight steamed, no seasoning and no fats added, and it wasn’t bad.  Who knew under all that cheese sauce broccoli was good on its own??  (I kid, I like broccoli almost any way it’s presented.)

I’ve been texting Melanie and Julie much of the day… we’re a good team so far.  Melanie is our champion, having been on this path for 3 years and having some stunning new skin to show for it!  She’s really doing this for the moral support, and because it is not far from her “new norm.”  She’s pushing me and I’m glad for it.  Who would have known after 18 years this is where we’d be, Mel??

So feel free to join in if you’re game.  I’m only 2/3 of a day in, but I’m feeling pretty positive at this point!