Friday, January 29, 2010

More visits with friends

A few weeks ago, we went to see my friends Connor and Lucas.  They used to live in the town where I lived when I was a tiny baby.  Now they live in a different place, just like us.  But a different different place.

So we went to see them and play for a couple days.  They have the BEST playroom and SO many toys!  And they also have the best mommy and daddy for reading books!  Mr. Matt and Miss Nico read lots of books to me and KiKi, and I love books, so that was my favorite part.

They also have a chair I call the thinking chair.  Like Steve has on Blues Clues, you know.  This is me showing Mommy how I smile.  She says I need to practice a little.

Here’s KiKi playing in the playroom.  She had a lot of fun in there.

And before we left, all us kids got on the couch for a picture.  Mommy and Miss Nico took a bunch because we were being a little silly and not listening all the time.

Then Connor took a turn.  He’s pretty good!  

And Miss Nico helped Lucas take one, too. 

We had fun, guys!! Thanks for letting us play and feeding us lots of yummy food!  We can’t wait til we can play with your new little sister! (That’s what I hope it is…the new baby.  They need a little girl like me!)

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