Monday, January 18, 2010


To answer a few questions…

It’s not just for 7 days, but I’m following it exactly as prescribed for 7 days and then we might alter a veggie or two, add a healthy something here or there. But overall, the goal is to make something very close to this my new norm…for quite a while.  It’s going to be a long road.

The important parts according to my doc, who is a fitness/health nut, are to drink the water right before the meal, like all at once.  Then for lunch and dinner to eat the veggies next, then the meat.  The high-fiber broccoli helps me to feel full.  And though I like broccoli, 2 cups is a lot of broccoli!

We’re still doing Wii Fit Plus, but I’ve had a few days off.  Lots of evening activities and by the time I get home and put the kids to bed, I’m in no mood for listening to the little voices talk to me on the Wii.  I’d like to be able to do it in the morning, but scheduling is difficult with work and school drop-offs, etc., and tiny hands interfering.

We’ll see how it goes.  I just baked a bunch of chicken so I’m good for a few days of meals.  I like that part, not much cooking!!  I divided it up in 4 oz pieces and it’s ready to go, about 4 days worth for me and M.  I plan to get some salmon fillets too, they are yummy and come in 4 oz fillets, nice and handy.

This morning I learned I don’t care for egg whites scrambled.  We might do some boiling and I can eat them that way, sans yolks.  I didn’t quite get all the oatmeal down, but without the butter and brown sugar, it sure lacks something!  A little Splenda and cinnamon and it was almost ok.

It’s 2:30p and I just finished my lunch, it’s been one of those days.  Running and picking up, dropping off, feeding kids, etc.  But the 2 cups of broccoli wasn’t bad at all.  And I even ate it straight steamed, no seasoning and no fats added, and it wasn’t bad.  Who knew under all that cheese sauce broccoli was good on its own??  (I kid, I like broccoli almost any way it’s presented.)

I’ve been texting Melanie and Julie much of the day… we’re a good team so far.  Melanie is our champion, having been on this path for 3 years and having some stunning new skin to show for it!  She’s really doing this for the moral support, and because it is not far from her “new norm.”  She’s pushing me and I’m glad for it.  Who would have known after 18 years this is where we’d be, Mel??

So feel free to join in if you’re game.  I’m only 2/3 of a day in, but I’m feeling pretty positive at this point!


  1. Good luck RK! I have been wanting to try something like this; I might give it a go. I'm afraid I'm going to have a time with the oatmeal and eggs too. :) It's great you have some friends who are joining in with you.

    And I hope this doesn't come across wrong (not sure what your rules are for protein), but I noticed beef wasn't listed as one of your protein sources.

    It only has one more gram of fat then a boneless chicken breast. There are actually 29 cuts of lean beef (meaning their fat content is b/w a boneless, skinless, chicken breast and a skinless chicken thigh). And beef is naturally nutrient rich-excellent source of protein, zinc, B12, selenium & phosphorus and a good source of niacin, B6, iron and riboflavin.

    Sometimes consumers don't realize that besides tasting great beef is a healthy choice. And there are some really easy ways to fix it too. Some of my favorite economical and tasty cuts include chuck tender and flat iron steaks.

    A great resource for consumers with recipes, nutrient information and tips on saving at the meat counter can be found at

    Sorry for my soapbox, but beef is a great source to rotate along with the chicken and fish.

  2. Way to go! You can do it, gal.
    Deer is the healthiest red meat and I'd be glad to share with you; but since you won't eat Bambi's mom, I suspect you'll do great with the chicken and fish menu. Keep up the cheerleading, Mel!

  3. By the way, I'm SO proud that M is backing you and even doing it with you.
    Anything is done easier when you have a buddy. You've got THREE buddies! :o) I'm looking forward to seeing the new you!

  4. You're off to a great start! Keep it up!


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