Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chicken broth rocks!

I got my Wii Fit in today--a little yoga (warrior, sun salutation, etc) and some strength (lunges, etc), and some step. The step was a bit more challenging than normal because I was holding a very feisty and unhappy-when-not-attached-to-Mommy 11-month-old. It made it just that much more effective, right?!?

Another day down with no cheating...I'm not even licking my fingers when giving the girls meals, even tearing up pizza for KiKi. That's something. Because I'm horrible about nibbling while I'm feeding them. But nope, I'm all in. Well, I don't know if you can say that just 2 days in, but still. I'm impressed with myself.

I got very hungry today, but I made it. We were very busy with all the aforementioned running around, but tonight I needed something. So--with the docs approval, never fear--I had a cup of hot chicken broth tonight, and it hit the spot. A little something to do with my hands and nice and warm to boot.

It would have been nice if it were crunchy or meaty or sweet or anything really, but it was successful in keeping me from looking for something else. So it did it's job.

Oh, and Cate--Great ideas, the schedule is pretty fixed. Lunch time is not flexible, some days M stays at work, but we try not to do that more than we have to. I have wondered about doing a 1230 lunch, which would be great, but it hasn't been possible yet, and probably won't be. The girls are asleep til we get them up to put them in the car to take M to work, and I can't hardly stand to get them up earlier. They won't eat for a while after they get up anyway. So we'll have to deal for now and figure it out as we go.

And no, this won't be my only blog topic, but it's new and I'm trying to stick with it... so bear with me. I'll probably be doing little updates on Twitter (which is now in the right margin) and spare all you blog readers from the boring blather.


  1. Great job RK!
    Have you tried Wii Activity? I like that a bit better than Fitness Plus because I tend to do only the things I like on Fitness... On Activity there is a 30 day challange and it sets up the exercises for you ( I know you can pick a program on fitness, but on activity it is already done).

    It has been kicking my butt the last few days.

  2. You go girl! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to us all. :)


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