Monday, September 24, 2007

Trying to make time

I haven't forgotten about this blog, but it's fallen to the side a little as I'm having trouble keeping up with much of anything lately. I have some major life decisions that must be dealt with, a house that's in desperate need of maintenance and cleaning, and plenty of other less daunting things, but I'm not accomplishing much toward any of those things... but hopefully soon. A plan is in place for a few changes, so we'll see how that goes over the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, I'm spending my days trying to get enough fluids in Braska to keep her hydrated without overfilling her belly. ( case you don't follow her blog, we did go through with the G-tube procedure two weeks ago today.) It's hard to know how much she needs since she gives no cues, just sits there and talks while we put the milk right into the stomach. She's still sleeping well, which is a blessing, so that's good. In between milk feedings, I work with her on oral feedings, and that's a long process. So really, the whole day is all about feeding her, or cleaning up from feeding, or prepping for the next feeding...and a few diaper changes in there too. Add in therapy three times a week, weight checks once a week, and still trying to find time to make two adult meals a day, and where does the time go?

So I've got things I'll be addressing soon, some stories I've been meaning to get into a readable form, and I hope I can make it happen in the schedule soon.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Better evening

It's been a nice evening. I haven't felt so icky tonight. Mommy has made me a bundled up place to lay so that I'm comfy on my back, so I don't mind it so much. Auntie Rachel and Mr. Patrick came by to see me, and Auntie Rachel brought me a pink panda! She has brought me a different kind of panda every time I've been in the hospital, so I have three of them now. Thanks Auntie Rachel!

Then Grandma C and Grandpa John came to see me too.
I showed them how I can play with some of my toys a little and I got to watch Baby Mozart again, which was fun. I decided that I'm gonna kick my foot like I always do even though it has a big thing on it and a tube in it. Mommy says that is there so they can give me medicines if they need to, but since they're not using it, I decided I'm just gonna kick it off. I'm trying hard, too!
I just had another feeding at 10 o'clock, and now it's time for bed. Mommy's especially tired, so I'm going to try to sleep all night like a good girl so she can rest too. She told me that they'll come in to clean my thing while I sleep, but I hope they don't wake me up. G'night!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Retropost: Party for the grandparents!

Last weekend was a big one for me. I met a whole bunch of cousins I didn't even know I had. We went to a place called Iowa on Friday night after Pop got off work. Grandpa John, Grandma C, Uncle Ethon, Miss Cheryl, and Uncle Levi were there when we got there. It was nice to see Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa M, especially since the whole party weekend was all for them. This year they had birthdays when they turned 80 years old and they're getting ready to be married for 60 whole years, too! So Grandpa John and his brothers and sisters threw this big party for all the family to come from all over and have a good time.

We took alot of pictures, but here's a few for you to see what kind of things I did while we were there.

Friday night when we got there, my Pop and my uncles and Grandpa John got down on the floor with me to say hello. They were kind of poking on my feet and on my tummy and playing with my ears and stuff. I don't know what they were doing really, but they thought it was funny. When Pop and his brothers get together, they always do silly things, and I guess I just got mixed up in the silliness.

Saturday Pop and the boys went to play golf after breakfast and the girls stayed at Great-Grandma's house and helped get everything ready for the big party on Sunday. I spent time on a walk with Grandma C and took a nap. Aunt Georgette and Cousin Sarah got there with all the food for the next day, so Mommy and the girls were all in the kitchen working on things and chopping and stuff.

After the boys got back from golf, we went down to Uncle Jerry's house for a cookout, and there were alot of cousins there. Big ones and little ones, but Mommy said they were all cousins. Pop sure has alot of them! They all came to say hello to me when I got there. Isn't that friendly of them?

Sunday morning we got up and all went to church with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa M at their church.

We even got dressed in our special nice clothes for them.

After church, we changed clothes really quick and went to the park to get all ready for the party. We worked some, and then we chatted some while we were waiting for people to come.

It was a pretty fun party. There were almost 100 people there, someone said. And that was all family! That's a whole bunch! Lots of people came over to say hello to me that I never met, but they said they like to read my stories on here. Isn't that cool?! So hi everyone!! It was nice to meet all you aunts and uncles and cousins and friends!

I met a special friend Valerie that I've heard alot about. Everyone always talks about how great she is, and I can tell you they're right! She's got an extra chromosome just like me, too. She's a cousin somewhere down the line, but I don't know how that stuff works. But her family was super nice, and I got to spend a little time with them, which was fun. Hi Valerie!

Pop took me out on the playground too, and we went down the slide. I thought it was pretty fun, and it was so nice and breezy out there, too!

There was alot of funny stories, and there was a neat video that even had me in it a little bit too! And there was lots of yummy cake. I even got to taste a little.

After the party finally got over, a bunch of the cousins went back to the grandparents' house for more games and stuff. Pop was feeding me, and some of the cousins came over to see what was happening. I guess it's fun to watch me get my food or something.

Monday morning we all went to brunch, at least the ones of us that were still there. I sat with Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa for a while.

It was a fun weekend, but I was sure tired when it was over. I don't think I remember everyone's names that we met, but it was nice to meet so many people. I think the grandparents had a good time too, and it was all for them! Thanks to Cousin Kathy for letting Mommy and Pop and me stay at your house while you weren't home. That was really nice!

I hope we can have another family party sometime soon....after I get some rest!