Sunday, November 30, 2014

Quick pic: the iPad

We have been given an iPad that's is no longer needed due to an upgrade. So we are going to be setting it up for Braska to hopefully take to school and utilize for educational apps for subjects that the appeal of visual helps and technology would make more interesting. For now, we are learning from the beginning...including using the camera for selfies...

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quick pic: Braska's spot

I'm going to try to do better about posting. Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter have of course made the quick photo and comment easy. I have a Blogger app so I'm gonna try to share some here more often. For those of you who are blog followers. All 3 of you. :)

For starters, Braska's enjoying Saturday morning in her favorite spot on the couch. So nice to just be home...  Hope you all had a nice holiday!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Joy and Peace

Just have to share this Kinlee moment….Our evening routine is referred to as "toilet, teeth, book, and bed." M covers most of the 1st three parts lately because I've been editing so often in the evening. But by request of the girls, I come in for prayers before they are tucked the last time. Kinlee has very recently started to begin praying before I start, which is so cool.  My favorite line is usually when she says, “Please help my family to learn, grown, and strive.” :)

Two little things to note before I continue…  Today the girls were with me for a studio photo shoot. I picked up some boxy letters, J, O, Y, to use for the Christmas portion of the shoot.  Kinlee liked helping me with the letters.  And earlier this morning, she asked if she could have a temporary tattoo on her upper arm. Someone gave it to her a while back. It says Peace.  So she’s sporting that tonight also.

We've been talking about the things going on in Ferguson lately, because she can read the headlines and she is very keen to conversations that happen around her, even in public settings. And since we live about 15 minutes from there, it’s a topic everywhere. Tonight she began to pray, and after being thankful for things like her family and her house to keep her safe, she said, “Please be with the people in Ferguson. Help them have what we made with the letters and what’s on my tattoo… joy and peace.”  I just had to stand there in the dark, holding the hands of my girls, and smile. Makes a mom proud. And I agree with her. Don’t even begin to think that anything gets by her. She is just so insightful…….  Thank you, Lord. Amen.