Sunday, April 28, 2013

For Mrs. E. My memory verse.

On Friday, I had Mrs. S in my class at school because Mrs. E had to go be with her family for the day.  I like Mrs. S. It was memory verse day, which is when we have to say our verse to our teacher so we can show we know it. 

I like to memorize things, because I can usually remember really well.  But I didn’t show Mrs. S that I could do the verse, even though I know it.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like it, and sometimes my memory seems to get a little tired.

So Mrs. E says she will give me another chance to tell her the verse, since she knows I like to tell her my verses best of all. 

But Mommy thought that—just in case I get in a little grouchy mood tomorrow—she would get a little movie of me practicing so Mrs. E could see that I really did know it.

So here you go…  I thought you might want to see it, too.

I can’t believe school only has 3 weeks left! Kindergarten has been GREAT!


  1. WONDERFUL!! Thanks, Braska, for a great job! And thanks to Mom, Dad, (and Kiki?) for helping out!

    papa beagle

  2. "ok ok ok!" I had to laugh....A LOT!!!! Ella tells me to "weelax" (relax) when I am telling her what to do : )


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