Friday, December 7, 2007

Two hospitals in one day

Mommy and I went to St. Louis again yesterday for some more doctors and stuff. We left very early in the morning. This time, we went to a different place than where we usually go. We went there because they have a big place just for kids like me that are little but need glasses to see better. Mommy told me that when I get my glasses that I will see all kinds of things I don't get to see right now. I'm not sure how that works, and I don't like when they put the glasses on my face to try them on, so I don't know if I'm gonna like this thing of wearing glasses.

First we went to St. John's so we could pick out my glasses. Miss Mary helped us, and she was very nice. Mommy put some of them on my face, and they kind of make my nose feel funny. She decided which ones she liked, and I told her they were my favorite too. And guess what color?? Pink, of course! We will have to go back and get them in a couple of weeks. I sat like a big girl while Mommy was paying for everything. There was alot to look at in there!

While we were waiting to get done, Mommy asked Miss Mary about our new little friend Levi who was in that hospital, but he got moved. I'll tell you about him in a minute.

After we got done, we met Auntie Rachel for lunch since we were close to where her new job is. She works for a different hospital, but we thought two in one day was enough, so she came to meet us at the lunch place. I played with the shiny paper that the chips were on, and then I sat with Auntie Rach for a while and tried to grab her pizza. Mommy said I could eat some if I wanted, but I didn't...I just wanted to play.

We finished up with lunch real fast and went to our regular hospital called Children's. I met with another nice Miss Mary who talked to Mommy about how I eat. She said they were going to do something called a swallow study, but Miss Mary decided pretty fast that I didn't need to do that. I swallow just fine, thank you!

She watched while Mommy fed me some, but I didn't really want to eat. Then Miss Mary gave me a thing called a Crunchie. It was pretty fun to hold on to and after she put it on my mouth, it kind of tasted good too.

I even held it by myself, which made Mommy all surprised.

After we finished with Miss Mary, we had some extra time, which was very good. We went to find our new friend Levi. Mommy knows the story better.
I knew a guy in high school from church camp, Michael, and hadn't really thought about his family in probably 15 years. My parents have kind of kept up with them. Earlier this week, Michael's wife Carrie had a baby, Levi, who was born at less than 3 lbs. He has some major heart issues and will need multiple surgeries, but currently, they're working to get him to at least 5 lbs before they can consider operating. When Carrie was discharged from the hospital, they transferred Levi over to Children's. Since we were at both St. John's (where he was born) and Children's on the same day, I felt strongly I was there to make contact and offer a little encouragement, even if I hadn't seen them in so long.
I'd never met Carrie, but I waited in the NICU waiting area until she and both her mother and Michael's returned from grabbing lunch. It was nice to see Michael's mother again, and Carrie and her mother were both very sweet. I talked with them a little bit, just trying to encourage her. She told me the doctors had given them the possible scenario that he might not ever come home, and they asked her and Michael to consider the possibility of taking him home soon to simply spend what time he had as a family. How can that kind of a decision be made? How difficult that must be?!
So your prayers on Levi's behalf are appreciated. I'll be checking in on them again when we're back there soon if he's still inpatient.
After we checked on Levi, we went down to wait to see Dr. R. I spit up on my shirt, so Mommy just took it off. It was alot of mess. That's why I've got no shirt on. I thought it was pretty fun to play around like that. Mommy kept a blanket on me so I would be "proper."

When they put me on the silly scale, I was 15 lbs 0.8 oz. Finally made it to 15!! Mommy was happy about that. Then she put me in clean clothes and she was happy again. Dr. R thought I looked pretty good, and my button too. He said Mommy could start feeding me different. They talked about milk and something called Pediasure.

When we came out from seeing Dr. R, it was snowing! Mommy called Papa Beagle to see what the computer said about the weather, and we decided not to go home. Mommy doesn't like to drive in the dark and Papa said it was gonna be slippery too. So we decided to go to Grandma C's house for the night. We watched the Bears game with them and Grandpa J played with me by the neat tree they had in their big room. It had lots of lights!

Today we came home before it got slippery again. Our house got lots of snow! It was good that we didn't go home during the snow, because we saw a whole bunch of cars that slipped off the road during the night. But we made it safe!


  1. It was great to have you visit. And guess what? You are cute as a button.

  2. look at her go!

    did you bring the bumbo from home?
    I noticed it in her feeding shots at home.

    I need feeding tips as you know.

  3. What a cutie you have there....I love her name.

  4. I love, love, love all the pictures of Braska, all the information about feeding and her glasses. We continue to learn so much from you!

    We pray for a miracle to happen to Levi. For God to impart special skills to those surgeons to be able to do something before he reaches 5 pounds. We pray for peace in his parents hearts as sometimes even 'the fix' or 'the answer' is so hard to understand.

    Take care and keep up the great blogging!

  5. yeah on the swallowing!! the first food mayson feed herself with was the all natural CHEETOS. They are the white cheddar ones so they dont make a huge mess!! i bet braska would love the too!!!
    praying for a miracle for little levi!

  6. Glad everything worked out so well and you got home safely! We just got home from Arkansas and had NO ICE on the roads. Sure glad you got to encourage Levi's parents, too!

    Papa Beagle
    (the internet weather guy)

  7. It was so nice that you and mommy went to see Levi's mommy and grandmas. I'm sure it helped encourage them a lot!

  8. Braska is Beautiful!! I watched her 1 year photo shoot. Aww How precious!!


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