Monday, April 7, 2008

Hey! I know that face!

So, I'm watching the news this morning, eating my toasted oat cereal after feeding Braska, while she plays on the floor. I hear them do a tease for an upcoming piece about "do men really prefer blondes?" and I glance up to see a familiar face. I do a shake-your-head-to-clear-your-mind thing and look again, but they've already gone to commercial. I hit record on the DVR and wait for the segment. In a few minutes, it's back.

Some of you might recognize the face of that brunette, others may only know her by her shopping habits in relation to Braska Bear...that would be my younger sister, Rachel, AKA Auntie Rachel. How weird is that?! To look up and see my little sister on a national news channel?? I dialed her up right away to tell her...she had no idea. Crazy. She does look quite different now, I mean it's been like 7 or 8 years. But it's definitely her.

The backstory is that several years ago, maybe around 2000(?) or so, Rach had a good friend who worked for Fox 2 St. Louis. Somehow, this thing came around where Rach basically walked around a mall with people watching others' reactions...she was a blonde then, most of the time. Then they went and did a hair color change, and she went back to walk the mall again as a brunette. As I remember, they were observing the treatment and quality of service she got from staff in stores and just general reactions in the common spaces. It was interesting. I could have never done it! And I think it was actually that time when she went with brunette for good, at least she's been one since. (Varying shades of such...of course.) Even though the experiment showed the blonde version of her was more well-received. She was getting ready to graduate and take on the big bad professional world...and she did!

So these clips were just a smidge of the news story that was originally done, but how Fox News in NYC got them and decided to throw them in this particular blip...who knows. Just goes to prove, never know where you'll end up once you're committed to film or photo. Good to know.


  1. LOL - yes, thats definitely ME! How hysterical!! I wish they would have shown a quick shot w/my blonde locks... its such a drastic change to that dark brown I went to. I've gotta try & track down the whole video from local Fox 2. Thanks RK!

    - Rach

  2. That's pretty neat! Thanks for posting!!

  3. that is something else to have your time in the national spotlight and not even know its coming - good eye RK!

  4. Rach--Weird. It was just weird. You look so much more grown up now! :o)

    Michelle--Yes, bizarre!

    Dad--And yes, pretty neat.

    Jessie--Yeah, she was more surprised than I was. And I am NEVER up watching the news at that time!


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