Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun parts of therapy

All the nice ladies who come work with me on stuff are fun. And they always do some fun stuff. But sometimes it's hard work, too. I try to do my best, but I get tired sometimes. But today I'm gonna show you some of the fun stuff we've been doing lately!

Miss C came on Wednesday and we had a good time playing while I was having some yummy yogurt. I've been taking more bites from her, and some from Mommy too. It's kind of messy, but Mommy's trying to get used to that. Here's a movie from when Miss C was here last time.

Then Miss Lori came to help me get stronger. I showed her how I was climbing and everything, and she was so happy! Then we did some practice standing on a rocking board and up from my new feeding chair. I love my chair alot, so I don't mind when we get to use it for practicing. (Mommy note: Some of these therapy videos may seem like there's alot of nothing, but for those of us in this world of therapies and milestones that we work so hard for, these are glimmers of hope and quite exciting hints at what's just around the corner.)

I've been trying new ways to have fun climbing. This is the new way that I watched TV the other day. Mommy thought it looked silly, but I watched my whole show like this.

I like to turn around in my feeding chair, too. I haven't figured out how to get up in it on my own yet, but I'm trying.

Mommy even put another place up so I can climb even more. But then when I get up there, she takes me down so I don't fall. But I like to just lay like this and relax.

When I've been climbing a while, I get pretty tired.


  1. That's the same feeding chair Violette has!

  2. Those are such wonderful videos - she's opening her mouth to take bites so well, and taking little steps!! Yay Braska - all of that hard work is paying off.

    Also, Delphine would absolutely freak if she was standing on the rocking board - Braska is very brave!

  3. Braska,

    It is so good to see you eating and having fun with it! You are doing so well. I love your videos and stories! Makes my day! Love you, Aunt V

  4. A whole lot of nothing???!!! NO WAY! Looks like a whole lot of SOMETHING!

    Way to go, Braska!

  5. That is so great Braska! We are so proud of you! It is funny how I feel just as happy when I see my friends kid succeed as I do my own. I am so excited for all your new found fun! And RK, the photo of her sleeping on the couch is too cute.

  6. Braska, you are doing so well. Keep it up!! Love you!!

  7. You are doing so good Braska with your therapy!! Keep up the great work!

  8. ARGH, My internet is out at home and I had to wait until today to see these. They are very good though.

  9. Just so you know... be careful what you wish for, I also have a climber.

    Look at how big she is getting too!!!!

  10. I love the videos. Keep up the good work.

  11. yay Braska - you are awesome!

  12. Those are THE BEST VIDEOS!!!! Go Braska with that eating, I saw you opening up your mouth in anticipation. Yippee!

    That wiggly board looks good. We will ask our OT about that cool thing.

    Keep up the awesome work!


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