Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaky belly

On Sunday Mommy was feeding me my vanilla milk when she looked and saw that I was sitting in a big puddle of milk in my chair! She put me down and Daddy looked to see what was wrong. The milk was coming right out of my second button where it's supposed to go in.

After they checked it out, Mommy decided it was time to put in a new button, so Daddy got the stuff and the new one, and he made it so it was ready to pull out easy. Then just like that... Daddy took it out! There was just my belly left with a little hole!

Mommy held my hands while Daddy was working on me, and he put the new button back in. I've had the same button since I first got it last year, so this was the first time we changed it. But it was really easy and it didn't even hurt.

When Daddy got it back in, he put water in the little balloon in my tummy so that the button stays where it's supposed to be.

Look, all done. New button!

And I never even got sad face. Just talked to Mommy while Daddy did the switch!


  1. Braska, you are so blessed to have a mommy and daddy that care so much they can do that for you!!!

  2. Braska, you are such a brave girl! (and your parents are pretty tough, too!)

  3. Wow what a big tough girl you are Braska! Yay to mommy and daddy for being able to change your button, you are tough too!!!

  4. Braska, I got squirmy just looking at the pictures - you are a very brave and patient girl!

  5. What a process! The three of you are all so brave :)

  6. What a big, good girl you are Braska!

  7. Like Jessie said - I got squirmy looking at the pictures too! How brave of you to be so still!

    On another note: I just saw your comment on Jessica's post about Boston and the convention in CA next year...from what I understand they do rotate locations around the country - last year was in KC :) Then the east coast, west coast, so I'm sure in 2010 it'll be back in the middle of the country again :)

  8. I'm so glad that you are able to remove her button without it hurting her! The removal of Eliana's was awful!

    Thank you for sharing with me about Braska's glasses. It helped a lot. Most of my friends have not had good success with glasses and it is encouraging to hear a success story!

    Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope it is a safe and enjoyable one for all of you! What a delightful blessing to be expecting a new little one.


  9. I'm so impressed, Braska, both at your ability to be so brave and that your parents can do such a thing in a calm manner and with a camera! :-)

  10. I just went through the same thing! Did you use a size larger?
    Brave Braska Bear!
    I have missed reading your blog and seeing your comments when you visit mine...
    Arties surgery was sucessful and we are back!


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