Thursday, October 2, 2008

Let's try this again

No nap was had by me today, so now it's time to get this kid fed and try to get a peaceful night of sleep. She's had a good day since this morning's unfortunate start. I think it's teething, it seems as we've moved through the day. We'll give her some pain meds with this last feeding and hope for rest. She did have one good nap, but I had too much work to get done to take advantage of it. Never fails...

If she gets up tonight, Daddy's on duty. She could kick him and jump on him all night and he'd still sleep.


  1. 1. Hope you're getting some rest and Miss B sleeps great tonight.
    2. Sent you an award! 'Cause you don't have enough to do, you know!

  2. i hope braska is doing better and that both of you got some sleep last night!!!

  3. Ouch, momma! Hope last night went better.


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