Friday, March 27, 2009

Wonderful welcome home

Today the girls, both canine and human, and I made the trip back home. Kinlee does not travel nearly as well as Braska did at that age, that is for sure, but overall, they did well. Both trips, down and back, had stops at about halfway for a hold-over feeding for Kinlee. And it's only a 2-hour trip!! She doesn't go to sleep and snooze the whole way as I'd like, so we adjust. When she starts to cry, Braska yells at her, and if Kinlee doesn't stop--which she doesn't--then Braska melts into one of her previously rare crying fits. Then the dog barks at both of them. It's good times. So even though I prefer a straight-through trip, we stop and calm them all, then we continue on.

When we arrived home today, there was a very delightful surprise here to greet us. A sweet bouquet of flowers.

It might look simple to you, but to me it's absolutely perfect. I knew immediately that there was thought behind it, and I'm all about that kind of thing. I called M right away and told him we were home and that I loved the flowers. And he confirmed that I was right in thinking that he'd planned this little bouquet very carefully.

There's the rose for me.

A carnation for Kinlee...

And, my favorite detail, a tulip for Braska...

Many of you will know why that tulip is so special. For those that don't, read this. We like Holland, and especially it's beautiful flowers.


  1. That is amazingly sweet! I enjoyed the latest posts on road trips. Someone wads right you are a great writer.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous...what a thoughtful guy! Now I'm off to go kick my husband...just Glad you're home safely.

  3. Awww what a great guy!!! That's a perfect bouquet! Gosh, that road trip sounds stressful! LOL Kind of stressed me out just reading about it! Glad you're home safely!

  4. OK. This made me tear up. Because of the flowers, and more to the point...because I KNOW THAT ROAD TRIP FEELING OF EVERYONE BREAKING DOWN!

    OK. But because of the flowers too. :)

  5. very thoughtful of M! Huston HATED the car when he was a baby - actually he hated it until he was old enough to switch around to the front! Hope Kinlee gets the hang of it sooner!

    And I have enjoyed all your recent posts - haven't taken the time to comment on those - but they were awesome.

  6. I'm tearing up! So sweet. What a great husband you have.

  7. Very, very, very sweet Mr. M.

  8. I think the bouquet of flowers was very pretty and sweet. It does not matter if there is one or a dozen in a bouquet. What matters is that he put thought into it and bought it out of love.


  9. So sweet and so funny! The total break down.. been there and done that...and survived our 9 hour trips only by the grace of God and the use of ear plugs. I loved reading the "Holland" link. Although, I haven't been to "Holland". I see the joy it has been in your life and I truly would love to go there. What a blessing you have in knowing both Holland and Italy:o) Oh and nicely done M, very thoughtful.

  10. ok that is beyond sweet!! What a wonderful, thoughtful, caring hubby! Lucas hasn't been the best of travelers either and Kayla couldn't stand when he cried lol

  11. I spotted the tulip right away and knew who that was for. We love tulips here, too.


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