Friday, October 9, 2009

8 Months

Once again, we're here to mark another month. This will be quick since I'm borrowing M's computer again, and I don't have the same little gadgets I usually do. (Blogger is hard sometimes! Relatively, of course.)

Before baths this morning, we snapped a few pics. These little shoots are getting tougher as we go. Lie still?? Yeah right.

And Braska wanted in on the action, so in she went. Hugs and kisses are always first on the docket for her.

Then KiKi returned the favor, as she usually does, by pulling hair. Hard.

Then they were both up in about 10 seconds, ready to go. So to the bath we went.

Highlights this month: I can't even keep up. I really need to document better. She's eating pretty well again, after her little phase. She much prefers to feed herself, and gets frustrated when she can't do it all herself. But really, pureed foods, at this stage and self-feeding?? I don't think so. We're doing alot of little "meltables" and such, and she's quite good at it.

Today, she did her first cruising down the side of the couch. She loves to pull up on anything at all, and she really likes the walking toy also, and spends alot of time going around with it. Crazy girl, I just can't get used to this kind of skill with motor. It's so amazing to me. She is mimicking a little with sounds, mostly da da da when we are changing her diaper. She loves to babble with Braska. They seem to have some inside jokes, and they get tickled by something and just sit there and giggle. Too cute.

Here we come, month 9. Ready for what's next. Maybe.


  1. Wow! How neat to watch the two of them grow!

  2. I think what's next may be Kinlee climbing over the side of the crib:o) Be prepared; it's coming.
    Happy day, Sugar Plum!

  3. I think you need bigger letters. :)

  4. adorable!

    its me, lisa b, new login


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