Monday, January 24, 2011

Little feeding helper

KiKi wants to help Mommy with everything now.  Everything.  She wants to do all the jobs around the house that Mommy or Daddy usually does.

One of those things that she likes to do is to help put milk in my belly.  One day she decided to give me some all by herself.  I was just resting on the couch and she thought she would come and give me some milk.  She found my tube in the cabinet.  She got the wrong piece for the milk to go in, but that’s ok. She’s still learning.

Then she has to find my button under my shirt.

And she knows how to plug it in, too.

And after she did my pretend milk, she tried to find her button for some milk in HER belly.  But she only has one.  And she always wants it to fit in there…

She wants to have a second belly button just like me, but nope…KiKi, that’s MY thing!

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  1. It is so much fun watching these girls. We have a lot of episodes yet to enjoy.


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