Friday, March 15, 2013

Another blurb. Nomination for the DSAGSL

This time it’s for local charity awards, why I think the DSA is a worthwhile cause.

The Down syndrome community is most valuable when it provides just that. Community. Knowing others who are traveling a similar journey, learning from experts who really care about the individuals for whom they are sharing and teaching makes all the difference. The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis is an organization that takes community seriously, and their members benefit from their commitment to that end. I have benefitted from that commitment. My daughter’s future is brighter because the DSAGSL is walking the path along with us.

Some of the best friends I have are those I’ve come to know through our local DSAGSL community group. The most amazing and inspirational moments have been when I’ve been able to share with new parents, through the New Parent Support of the DSAGSL, that a diagnosis that many say is not worth life at all is a precious child first and foremost. New Parent Support is a vital tool and true blessing to parents who find themselves on a path they did not anticipate. The beauty of humans coming together to care for, invest in, and share with one another is so very encouraging. Whether it be playing together with a group of toddlers, learning valuable information at a conference led by research pioneers, or walking with a few thousand close friends to show support, bring awareness, and celebrate our loved ones with Down syndrome, the DSAGSL provides true opportunities for fostering genuine community.

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