Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fall fun

I had a big word-filled post started. But it was heavier and more unhappy than I’d intended when I began. Things are not bad, just frustrating on several levels lately.  So for now, let’s just enjoy some funny photos of Braska and M playing “rake tag” (invented by the girls, they are chased by flying leaves, basically) in the backyard last night.  Don’t worry, Braska was having a blast, though she looks less happy in a couple shots.  They make me laugh, though.


In Braska news…. We were blessed to qualify for another grant situation that is allowing us to get the special feeding chair that was recommended for her. It should be delivered this week.  We received another SPIO compression shirt from the same organization.  We will likely be returning to Connecticut in early 2015 for a stay of a couple of weeks, and then possibly staying for up to a few months after, depending on outcomes after the 2-week intensive.  We’re praying that the best things come to be.  She’s not making much progress currently, but that’s largely because of the pace we have at home, and how little time I have to spend working with her.  I’m trying to reorganize and cut back…again… I appreciate your prayers of wisdom as we make some of these tough choices. 

The good news is that her reports at school regarding behaviors are better.  She has finally been showing them her funny, talkative, sweet self.  At least occasionally.  She had a great visit to the dentist, tolerating a cleaning (sitting up) and even attempting x-rays, though they didn’t turn out usable.  That’s a big improvement, though.

Thanks for being interested enough to keep checking in. Smile

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