Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mommy report: Good reports all around

Here's a quick rundown of all the recent appointments and such...

Dietician--Miss Tara was great. We're working on a plan to do continuous feeding overnight via the NG and then take it out during the day to work on spoonfeeding, trying the bottle, etc. We'll also be adding olive oil to her spoonfed foods to bulk up the calories as well as continuing to concentrate the breastmilk by adding powder formula to it for extra cals. And she gets to try some avocado as well...we'll see how that goes. The goal is to avoid needing to go to G-tube, since she's been on the NG for about 5 of her 6 months.

DS specialist--Dr. G felt she was doing very well. She said that considering the surgery at 3 months, she was progressing very well. They drew labs for thyroid, but we don't have them back yet. I really liked this dr and was pleased with her attention to a thorough exam. She gave us a script for stool softener for Braska to see if that helps with her 5-6 days "off." She recommended we see ENT at one year. That's when we'll follow up with cardiology and the DS center again too.

Ophthalmology--The dr said her refractions were right where they should be. She does have the mild nystagmus (wiggly eye) which we knew, but she said she's not sure yet if it will affect her vision later. All other aspects of her eye exam, including dilation, were very good. We return at one year for recheck of the eyes.

Pediatrician, Dr. Y--He is pleased that we're finally hooked up with everyone and have the input we need from the specialists. We have a plan in place and all of us are glad about that. He said she looks good overall, so we'll watch the weight when it's time to make the diet changes, but for now we keep doing what we're doing. She got her 6 mo shots, and barely made a whine. What a champ.

So we actually don't have to go to an out-of-town appointment for 6 months, unless something changes, so that's awesome!! We see Dr. Y next for her 9-month check. I would never have believed 3 months ago that it would be possible to not see a dr for that long! God is SO good!


  1. Go Braska go! Karen K

  2. That's great news. She looks like she is doing really well.

  3. Great summary! God has really blessed and we look forward to seeing Braska FIRST HAND tomorrow!

    Papa Beagle

  4. Karen K, Melissa, and Amy--Thanks for the kudos. We're pretty darn proud of her!

    Dad (Papa Beagle)--Drive safely, see you tomorrow afternoon.

  5. What good news, braska girl! Wish I could wait 6 months to see a dr, but that would mean no paycheck! :) Auntie V


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