Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy report: OT eval

Robin, the OT, was here today to do an initial eval on Nebraska. Overall, she said she was pleased with her progress considering her surgery at 3 months and recent illness. She did well with several of the little test elements, and there were deficits in several, which we expected. Her head/neck strength will be a primary goal and point of beginning for therapy in the next few weeks, on a weekly basis. She did give us some things to focus on when just doing normal stuff at home, to help her in between visits from the therapists.

So very soon we'll be seeing Judy, the developmental therapist, Robin, the occupational therapist (which I think is kind of funny in title, as Braska isn't all that into an occupation at this point), and Luann, the speech therapist/feeding specialist.


  1. I sure hope that occupational therapist can get you a job, Braska! But I also hope it is an EASY one that you can do AT HOME WITH YOUR MOMMY AND POP! Don't want you driving to work in that bad Champaign traffic!!

    Love to all from papa beagle!

  2. Haha papa beagle! Braska looks like you are going to have lots of fun! You are very lucky to have all those special people come over just to play with you! I know Maddy and Gracie would like that a lot! Keep working hard and getting big. Plus after all that hard work you are going to need some relaxing in the pool(your mommy will show you how), another thing you are very lucky for! Talk to you soon- Karen K

  3. Papa Beagle--I am hoping I just get to keep playing for now. I don't wanna work yet!

    Miss Karen K--I'm ready for warm weather so we can open the pool. I've been told that it will help me get strong too, plus it's fun!


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