Thursday, August 23, 2007

Any given day

This is an example of a recent day, but it represents most. In case you think I am just spending too much time basking in the sun while floating in the pool. (Ahhhh, those were the days...)

6:25 am

Wake husband. Wish I could sleep more. Listen to Braska chatter in her room, as she's been awake for a few minutes already.

6:30 am

Get Braska up. Change diaper. Enjoy morning smiles and giggles. Decide if she's getting dressed or staying in PJs....usually go with the PJs.

6:35 am

Wake husband again. Let the dog out. Measure out 5 oz and start Braska's milk warming. Turn on computer in office. Let the dog in.

6:38 am

Wake husband again. Attempt to try to move him the two steps from his side of the bed to the bathroom.

6:40 am

Return to the kitchen to prepare Braska's milk. Add medicine and vitamin to it. Finally hear the sound of the shower at the other end of the house. Gather syringe, tubing, milk, and baby.

6:42 - 6:50 am

Sit down in recliner with gathered items. Deposit 5 oz of milk into baby via the tube. Thank God she can handle it without waiting on the long pump system. (Manual is so way faster.)

6:50 am

Put used bottle, syringe, tubing, etc back in kitchen. Remind husband in shower that he needs to be at work in 10 minutes. (Lucky we live so darn close.) He always swears he "just got in."

6:55 am

Clean up from milk prep and wash bottle, syring, etc. Collect items for pumping. (Breast pump...9 months and counting). Kiss husband goodbye as he walks out the door. Put baby in some type of restraining toy (bouncy, walker, swing, etc.) Pour bowl of cereal for me.

7:00 - 7:15 am

Pump. Might watch a little TV to pass the time. Eat my cereal.

7:15 am

Wash pump stuff. Store breastmilk. Make Braska's cereal w/fruit. Gather bib, spoon, sippy cup, washcloth, and food.

7:25 - 8:00 am

Put baby in high chair. Attempt to feed baby as she eats extremely slowly. Intermittently attempt to give sippy cup. Give plenty of breaks per recommendations of the feeding therapist.

8:00 am

Clean baby and high chair. Put away

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