Thursday, November 8, 2007

Best laid plans

Today was going to be a day to get things done. We didn't need to go anywhere, we didn't have any interruptions on the schedule. I was going to get caught up with work-work, make a dent in the backlog of housework, and start tackling the 10 x 10 pile of paperwork that I still half-heartedly call my office. I love productive days.

That was the plan. The reality was a bit different. Braska was especially grouchy this morning, a pattern that's been increasing the last few days. It's not fun and completely out of character for her. I realized that we had never returned the syringe pump that we used for feeding, even though we haven't used it in over 4 months. After getting Braska dressed to go out, she spit up on her outfit...repeat twice. Eventually we got the belly settled and more clean clothes on, so I ran that over to the medical supply place. When we got back it was lunch time, M was home, time to feed him and then it was Braska's turn. She griped and complained and finally fell asleep on me. I decided the sleep was more valuable than my getting up to do anything active, so I held her with one arm and worked on some work-work with the other, laptop precariously perched on one leg. Typing with one hand is not my forte.

When she woke up, she was happier, thank goodness, but I must admit that my motivation for this big productive day had waned. She rolled around on the floor talking to herself and her toys in a grumpy tone for a while as I finished up several batches and projects. At least I got that done!

Now it's almost time for M to be home, and I should be thinking about what I'll do for dinner. I'm for cereal all around, but then I could do that just about every day. I need to do a whirlwind kitchen cleaning in the next 13 minutes before I can think about getting more stuff out to start dinner. We'll see if the BraskaBear is agreeable to the situation...


  1. Hang in there, girl. We can always come over and watch Braska if you need to get something done. I hope Braska starts feeling much better very soon.

  2. My plans don't ever work out either. Since we moved we don't get bus service, but yet the school is almost a mile and a half away. No walking for my little ones.

    That means I am taking kids and dropping them off 5 times a day. That totally ruins my day I am telling you.

    Add Rhett's therapies and dr appointments, and my house turns into a dump over the week.

    UGH! I won't even get into the days when Rhett is grumpy.

    Good luck and hugs!!!

  3. Ahh, some days are like that, aren't they. Start out all motivated - and then its dinner time! I don't know what happens in between. I wish Ruby would nap, but she hasn't in weeks. It drives me crazy - how will she grow, if she doesn't nap!??

  4. And of course since I am home all day, I should get loads of stuff done right! HA! The only way my house gets a complete cleaning is to invite people over that I don't know very well. With guys, I was always to comfortable and didn't care, my house was your house and vise versa :) Someday, I will have a spotless house, even if it is in the resthome and someone else is doing the cleaning.

  5. I echo your sentiments. With Dan gone so much judging now and me home more (yay!), I have all of these grand plans to get tons done and then enter in a 17-month-old. Yes, life is different and my mom says a little dirt is good for the soul. Take care! Call us if you are bored this weekend or dont' want to clean! We'll be around!

  6. Hope Braska had a better evening. We just got home from a college tour. Auntie Julia was complaining of a sore throat ealier, but we're on top of it now. We can just play with Braska when we're there next week and let you work. Sounds like fun!
    Love you!!

  7. Sounds like Braska has a case of the Februaries as well!



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