Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November at a glance

Just re-did the whiteboard calendar in the kitchen...This month is gonna be a bit busy. Some things aren't really "to do" but I'm sentimental, so remembrances still count. ( I realize I'm a few days late, so some have already passed...but you get the idea.)

~Nov. 1--10 years ago my husband rolled into town here with all his belongings in his car (and his parents' truck too, as I remember it) to move in and start all over after being in Montana for many years. I came then, too, arriving that night for my first weekend visit here. And the rest is history, kind of... he (and me, occasionally at first) has been here ever since. For both of us, this is up there with the longest we've lived anywhere, since we both moved alot as kids.

~Nov. 1--Appt with realtor (more on this later) to discuss improvements we plan to make and what priority is best. No, we're not moving.

~Nov. 3--Saturday singles...I'm meeting a couple times a month with a group of college girls for chatting, breakfast, some Bible study, and more chatting.

~Nov. 6--OT (occupational therapy for Braska)

~Nov. 7--ST/FT (speech/feeding therapy for Braska)

~Nov. 11--Our wedding anniversary. 7 years.

~Nov. 11--Julia's (youngest sister) 12th birthday.

~Nov. 12--DT (developmental therapy for Braska)

~Nov. 13--OT

~Nov. 13--Braska's one-year pictures

~Nov. 14--ST/FT

~Nov. 15--To St. Louis for Braska to get her new button .

~Nov. 16--Belle(the pooch) to the groomer.

~Nov. 20--My parents' 37th anniversary.

~Nov. 21--Braska's 1st birthday.

~Nov. 22--Thanksgiving. To my parent's house in Missouri. (I think we're doing Christmas for this side then too.)

~Nov. 24--Possibly to Columbia, MO to see friends then to St. Louis to in-laws.

~Nov. 27--Braska's one-year day full of appointments in St. Louis (ENT, audiology, cardiology, eye, labs, DS spec/geneticist) ...then finally home.

~Nov. 28--ST/FT

Actually, that doesn't look as bad as I thought it would....scary as that is. There are a few other little tidbits here and there, lunches with friends, personal appointments, and things can always change... but it should be a fast month. And I'm all for that.


  1. Wow you are one busy lady!!! Are you going to see J and J. And are you all going. If by some crazy chance that it was a girls weekend let me know, I would love to invite myself:-) Hope you have a great month and we will be seeing you! By the way, I love the new dino link- she is so cute!!! Karen K

  2. Okay I'm a big dork, we will be in MN then, so have fun:-) Maybe we will have to plan a girls weekend soon though! Oh and if you are seeing the realitor that I think you are seeing, tell her I said "HI". Karen K

  3. Karen K--Yeah, I figured you'd be in MN for the holiday. And yes, she's the best realtor ever.

  4. no fair! I want to see J and J! Ah, when we get back though, they will not be more than a 4-5 hour drive so hopefully they know we will be stopping by. Tell them hi for us. We too are looking forward to a busy month. Not nearly as busy as you though, but it helps time go by fast. Our highlight is going to London for Thanksgiving to spend with some old Champaign friends who live there now and an old classmate of Tim's. They don't do thanksgiving here and I just could not handle that. I need turkey and a table full of people to spend time with.

  5. I'm all for that too! :) Good luck, our month isn't QUITE that full, but it's getting crazier by the second!!

  6. December - Lie on the couch with the tv remote in hand.

  7. It's too daunting to look at the whole month at once! I try to only let a week sink in at a time. :)

    Have safe travels!

  8. Happy (almost) Anniversary! Did you know that Preston is only 1 month and 1 day younger than Braska is?

    I can't believe you can squeeze that many appointments in one day. What happens if one of them runs late?

    Also, I added a tip in the comments section of the left brain/rt brain post that might be able to help you see it change. It took me a long time because I only seen counter-clockwise, but now I can get it to go both ways in my head.


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