Sunday, May 10, 2009

*REAL* Mother's Day

It's 8:08 am. I got up about 6:20 am because I woke up and knew Kinlee would be up very shortly. She was stirring, but I thought I'd check my email and pump before she got up. (Since she's sleeping through the night, the morning provides help to our surplus supply.) She woke up just before 7, so I changed her, fed her, burped her, and dealt with a MAJOR blowout diaper, which brought with it a bath and clothes washing for her and for me. Then Braska woke up while I was re-dressing Kinlee, so we went to her room, put Kinlee in B's bed, then changed Braska. We all went out to the living room for Braska's medicine and water dose (little bit to help wash out that overnight goo that she's had this week, helps before her full feeding). My nose quickly told me that Braska was already in need of another diaper, so back to her room we went.

Now I'm having my bowl of cereal. Braska's watching her Blues Clues (by that), and Kinlee's in the swing. In less than two hours from now, we'll have to manage my shower and dressing for church, Braska's morning feeding, a bath for Braska, dressing both girls for church (I don't put the good stuff on them til right before we go), and packing for a day with the in-laws to celebrate Mother's Day and M's birthday tomorrow.

Baths, blowout diapers, feedings all around, laundry, and changing clothes several times. All in about 90 minutes.

That's what a REAL Mother's Day looks like in our house.

And M is still sound asleep.


  1. This am when Soph got up, I woke Mark (I never do that) and went back to bed! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. AMEN...pretty close to my own...minus anyone adorable watching Blue's Clues...add in constant cursing under breath at sleeping husband...

  3. Well, I didn't have as much early morning excitement, but I didn't get much of a day off either...but then does a mom EVER really get a day off.

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. Yeah, that's about as real as it gets, isn't it!? Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  5. That detailed account makes me want a baby even more!


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