Monday, May 4, 2009

To move or not to move

I'm sitting here in my all-too-usual spot. The recliner. Kinlee's asleep on my left shoulder, Braska's asleep cuddled on my leg. I'm "typing" with my right hand while the laptop sits on the arm of the couch next to the chair. (I'm getting much faster at this one-handed typing lately.)

Do I wake them both to attempt to put one or both in bed? Do I just sit here and let them sleep even though Braska is due for a feeding? Braska missed school today due to lots of goo in her head, so she really needs sleep. But she might sleep longer in her bed. And do I want to sit here stuck for the next hour or so?

They are both so cute when they sleep. But dang, they are little heat machines!

Would you get up or stay put?? Go ahead, tell me...I'll be here.


  1. I think I would make the decision based on whether you think they will sleep when you move them or not and if you have anything to do while sitting there. For instance if they will wake up and be crabby and you are maybe due for a nap yourself then I would stay put:o) But if you can move them to their beds undisturbed and you would then be free to do amazing things with your free time, then I would put them in their beds. For me if it were Maddy I would put her in bed and if it were Gracie I would stay put, just due to their ability to be moved and stay asleep. Good Luck!

  2. I would say if your comfortable... and could kick back and sleep too... leave all as is :0)

  3. Having been in this dilemma before, I think I would stay put. I have thought okay, should I fall asleep myself and get some much needed rest or put them down and try to get something done. Never fails, one or both will wake up. So, sit back, relax, enjoy your sleeping babies and catch a nap yourself. Whatever else needs done will always be there, but these little moments just fly by!

  4. Only you can make that call :o) The other responses have been good.
    You might want to consider putting them in bed BEFORE they fall asleep on you :o) But, OH, isn't it sweet?!

  5. Soak it up! They are only that little for such a short period of time! Everything else can wait.

  6. I'm sure they can't possible still be in that same position since you posted earlier today, but my vote would have been to leave them be. Of course, I'm sure you have a million things to do, but how nice to enjoy that sweet sleepy time with your babies that are already growing up too fast :-)


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