Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feeding what after jarred food?

Ok, so you guys have given me some good info on Kinlee's feeding for the present. Thanks a bunch!

But let's go one step further...

When she's ready to go from baby food to table food, what do you start with there?

You have to remember that we don't eat real meals or even usually real food in our house. Lunch is whatever I can grab in 3 minutes before M gets home for his lunch hour. I usually throw something together for him and I'm still feeding kids or working on some other task while he's eating. Mac n cheese, LOTS of cereal, ramen (for M), frozen burritos...these admittedly less than healthy foods are the norm for us. This new thing of having a kid who eats "normally" is going to be a full-on change for the whole household. I'm trying to do better lately. I got alot of fresh fruit this last trip to the store and made a fruit salad (fruit only, not added stuff), I bought veggies, but we still haven't used them and I have to do that today or they'll be no good. We are once again on a major no-spend-money month, so I got some basics like turkey and cheese for sandwiches and pasta

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