Sunday, September 6, 2009

Milestone: Or two or three

Kinlee’s been flying through the milestones lately.  I suppose she’s been doing that her whole life.  I can’t get used to it, and I definitely can’t keep up with the blogging that I’d like to in order to document it.  But I’ll do my best in short bits…

She had her first cereal on her 5-month birthday.  She was a fan.  I marveled at the fact that you could just offer her a spoon of mush and she happily opened her mouth. 
I’ve never experienced such a thing!!

She did have a few faces that were kind of funny, but for the most part, she was very pleased with this new element to her routine.

At 6 months, we started introducing some veggies, touched with a tiny little bit of pears to make it a bit more enticing.  She has done great with all of it except the green items.  Those will have to wait a bit more.  She’s a fan of squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and chicken with apples.

This past week, I gave her the little crunchy things from Gerber Graduates, and I just stared and laughed at how she just seemed to know what to do, and she enjoyed it!  This is so foreign to us with Braska and her feeding refusal.  I can’t believe that a kid can just take food, put it to her mouth, and eat it.  Chewing!  What a novel idea!!

She started army crawling just after she sat independently before she was 6 months.  She’s gotten quite fast at it and she can get anywhere she wants in no time flat. And if that weren’t enough, now the girl is crawling too!  She’s not even 7 months!  Maybe that’s normal, maybe that’s what all kinds of babies do, but I’m amazed at this little crazy girl.  No video yet, but we’ll get some.  She’s still kind of wobbly and slow about her steps, but she does it.

Check out this pic I got this week, it reminded me of another and I looked back on Braska’s blog to find it. 

Same hand-me-down shirt, same BabyLegs, and almost the same weight.  Kinlee is the same length as Braska was in that pic, and she’s less than a pound under the weight that Braska was there.  The big difference is that Kinlee was 6 3/4 months, and Braska was 16 1/2 months. Almost 10 month difference in age.  So funny to me to see how similar and still different.


  1. Grammy's not surprised. Go, girl! Love you, Sugar Plum :o)

  2. Boy do I ever hear ya. You go Kiki!

  3. Way to go, Kinlee! Braska, you'll be catching on soon!

  4. Wait til mommy sees you picking up cheerios :o)

  5. LOVE the photo comparison...I'll bet Kinlee's enthusiasm for munching will be the missing piece to the Braska munching least for ONE of you.

    Either she'll want to join in, or she'll find a willing accomplice in making her OWN food disappear...

    Hee, hee...way to go, Kinlee!


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