Monday, May 7, 2012

128/366 Busy Monday: Standing tall

Mondays are busy around here.  First I go to school.  Today, Mya came to feeding with me, and she helped me.  She is so good at teaching me new stuff.  Everybody should get to have a friend like that.


After nap, I go to swim with Miss S.

After swim, I get dried off and we pick up KiKi and Daddy so we can go to cheer!  Tonight I practiced climbing up and standing tall with my coaches.  The first time, I did a little better by doing my high-V instead of just holding on to them.

And then the second time, I did even better!  I let go and did a high-V way up on top!

KiKi likes to do the big stand-ups too.  Here was her first one tonight…

And here’s her second one, when they went all the way up!!

See me there at the bottom looking up at her?  I am not ready to be up that high yet, but yay for KiKi!

After cheer, we go home and go to bed. It’s a full day!  Monday’s are fun at our house!

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  1. Wow Braska, You look so big cheering. Love you bunches


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