Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First day of school 2013

The day didn’t start out on a perky note for Braska. She did not feel well and just was so pathetic to see. The classic front porch pics were a bit uncomfortable for Kinlee.  But still, a photo must be had. Even if it’s an unhappy one.

Braska went with Daddy to school, 13 minutes east of our house, and I took Kinlee 10 minutes west of the house to her school. And I kept thinking “the juggling has begun….”

While dropping Kinlee off, I was still in her school, Braska’s school called (8:20 am) to tell me she was feeling worse, and asking if I thought I should get her.  We discussed, and they felt that wanted to allow her a bit more down time to adjust, and it turned out she did perk up and did well for the rest of the day.  Belly issues, apparently.

When it was time for Braska to arrive home on the bus, Kinlee and I went out to the porch to wait for her.

She got off that bus, happy as a clam, and marched independently up to the house with her monstrosity of a backpack in tow.  My fave photo of the day…

Thankful for a successful end after a rough start.

The girls are not in the same school this year. Kinlee is in half-day kindergarten at the private school where they both went last year.  She has the same (AWESOME) teacher that B had last year.  Braska is in our public school district, but not in our home school, by our choice.  We chose another one that had a program we liked better, a “cross cat” room that better suited her needs and a much more receptive and flexible staff/administration.  Her team is great, and with the to-be-expected tweaks, she’ll have a successful year, I think.  She really likes her sped teacher and paras and her gen ed teacher as well.  So we’re pleased so far!


  1. Glad Braska's day ended up well!

    The juggling...rightly said.
    Our's starts next week. Yay?!

  2. Welcome back to school! Glad she's feeling better.

  3. Oh poor Braska looks like she did NOT want to go to school that morning! I'm glad the school was able to wait her out a bit to see if things changed and that they did! Sure is a big backpack on your girl! Here's to a great year ahead!


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