Thursday, September 26, 2013

Braska Cameo on TV!

Mommy reporting: Check out this link for a story on a Special Olympics event Braska was a part of yesterday morning.  She got to skate with some of the cast of Disney on Ice… and Mickey Mouse!!  I saw this reporter there with a camera yesterday, but I didn’t know her and just assumed it was SO promo stuff.  So when M was walking through the waiting room at his office and saw this on TV today, he called me. “Um, I just saw Braska on TV!”

She’d never been skating before, and I was amazed that she could even stand in the skates on the carpet.  Once she got to the ice, it was a bit more challenging, but they were great. The coach of the SO hockey team that was there ended up skating around the ice with her for almost an hour, holding her. braskaskate1
(photo by
And she LOVED it!  She begged to go back out when I would take her for a break.  “Mom, I wanna skate more!  Mr. Tim, take me back to skate, please!”  It was plugged as a Young Athletes event in the info I got, but Braska ended up the only little one. The rest were teens with the hockey team, but they were great with her.  She just looked especially tiny next to them!

She was one totally jazzed little girl about the whole thing, even kind of curious about Mickey (and we’re not really a big Mickey house at all…though she knows who he is, of course).  By the time I took her to school before lunch, she was wired and talking all about it.  Pretty fun to see.

(Note to self: When going to an ice rink, to go ice skating, don’t forget the ICE element, and put the child in something more than a t-shirt.  Thankfully there was a fleece jacket in the car and she borrowed some gloves.  And Mr. Tim kept her warm while he carried her, too.  So great… )

Icing on the cake…. We got 4 free tix to the Disney on Ice show!!  But don’t tell the girls, it’s gonna be a surprise Sunday evening!

I’ll post more pics from the skating event soon…


  1. I missed the news! What a great experience.

  2. That is so exciting!! And I can't wait to hear about the surprise on Sunday!


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