Saturday, January 11, 2014

Expanding line for DS Life shirts! Mosaic and Screen Print

Things have been overwhelming since the release of my DS Life design this week.  We’ve gone global… well, I mean we have international orders… but still!

What was just a sparkly rhinestone design is now also a screen print design for the less-blingy types and the guys who want to get in on this. (Yep, guys want in…)

And by request also, we adapted the image for a rhinestone version for mosaic DS.  Options!


The original rhinestone design is still the most popular so far. Orders have been coming in for 3 days now.  People from 11 states have ordered so far! Wow!


Click HERE to go check out all the details or get yours! How fun will it be to see all these walking around in Indy this summer…that’s what I keep thinking!

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