Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Braska's Favorite Sister

Last night, I hung out for a while in bed with Braska as we were waiting for Daddy and Kinlee to be done with the bedtime routine.  We shared the pillow and were being silly and giggled alot.  I started asking her questions as we chatted.

"What's your favorite color?"
"What's your favorite..... shape?"
She laughed, "Shape??" Pause. "Square!"
"Ok, what's your favorite animal?"
"Nice, he's so tall, isn't he!"
"Yes, he's REALLY tall!"
"What's your favorite...hmm... sister?"
"Sister, um.... Della!"
"You like Della better than your sister?"
Laughing again, "YES!"

So there you go. A baby cousin makes a better sister than a little sister.
It could change tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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