Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Next chapter in the feeding therapy journey

I will delve into this much more, but for now, the bottom line is this.

Braska and I will be heading to Norwalk, CT in just under 5 weeks to have an evaluation and treatment visits with the best of the best for this kind of issue. I’ll talk more later about how we got here and why we’re going there.

For now, here’s the video that I made by the request of the therapist to get an idea of where she is now. It’s a small peek into how mealtimes go… on a good day.


  1. You said this was a good day. I just want to encourage you that Braska has come soooo far since you last sharedI watched her twice because I was so excited for her and you!! I hope this new therapist can help you on this journey.

  2. Hi! Just stopping by to check out your new blog! Beautiful little Princesses!

    1. Hey stranger! :) Thanks for coming by! I need to catch up with everyone.....


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