Sunday, August 17, 2014

CT Trip, day 1: Long day of travel

If you’re on FB, you saw little snippets through the day. Braska did SO well. She just seemed mostly unfazed by the chaos, LONG waits due to the delayed flight, and the supremely stressful (for Mommy) drive out of NYC.  She didn’t eat anything from 10 til almost 7pm, and she didn’t complain. She drank her milk and went on being sweet.  She LOVED flying, no doubt.

The plan had been to give a bit more detail about the day, but I’m tired, so it’ll wait.

I’m dealing with a little culture shock in our short time here on the east coast.  I’m hoping some sleep and acceptance of a different perspective of those who are used to life away from the middle of the country will bring a more peaceful tomorrow.

Tonight I’m most thankful that we had a good flight and she did well with all the transitions. After a little netflix and yogurt by request, she chose her bed to be in the closet. So I asked the hotel for a couple comforters, and made it up for her. She jumped in her excited way and said, “I love this place!” and went to sleep in just a few minutes.


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  1. You are doing more than awesome job Randa-Kay. You are incredible in this business of advocating for the Little Miss. So proud of who you are and what you do.


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