Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 for 21: FINALLY a new header pic!

Braska reporting: I’ve been telling Mommy when we look at my page that it was “Baby Braska” in that picture that was at the top. So she finally found another picture to use. It’s not a new picture either, because I was only 5 when we did those pictures, but it looks more like me and KiKi now. 

And since my little sister is usually around for my stories and the things I tell about, I decided we could make the name of my page Braska Bear & Company.  That means the other people around who like to hang out with me.  So now I can talk about my family or my friends whenever I want to include them in my stories.

Next month I’m gonna be 7, and Mommy’s going to do new pictures of us soon. So maybe I’ll use one of those and even pick some new colors for my page. My favorite color is black these days. Or blue. Kinlee says that’s not a good favorite color, but she’s not the boss of my favorite color!  I’m still the big sister, even if she is taller than me!



  1. Love the new photo. Perfect time to roll it out! :-)

  2. Black is a good color to like Braska. Love that no one is the boss of your favorite color. Very clever.

  3. Great picture, great new name for the blog, Braska!

    Love you all!

    Papa Beagle


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