Thursday, October 17, 2013

40: The number is not the issue

I’m not upset about turning 40 today.  I get a little solemn sometimes around birthdays and anniversaries for a few reasons that I don’t know if I’ll elaborate upon or not. But it’s not the aging part.  I feel good about my age.  And as I’ve looked through some old pics, I think I haven’t changed all that much, but for the better when change is apparent…  don’t ya think?

Cheesing with new glasses
2001: Age 28
rk glasses

2013: Age 39

Dressed up to party
2002: Age 29

2013: Age 40 (minus 6 days)

So here’s to the next 10… or 20…   who knows. But the best is yet to come, I think.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are reversing the effects of aging. You look fabulous!

  2. Happy birthday, my friend! I hope this year brings great things.

    (I always have mixed feelings on my birthday -- maybe it just feels like time to take stock and see where I am. Like new year's.)


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