Saturday, October 5, 2013

In the news… Common Core. IEP. Oxymoron.

Thanks to Cate for “in the news” being the first thing I thought of when I figured I’d post a link to an article.  (Don’t ever think you don’t make an impression!)

Came across this article today in a very roundabout way I won’t bother to explain. But I thought it was interesting. 

Common Core State Standards Don’t Rhyme with Individual Education Plans

I’d like to have time to write the 20 posts or so it would take to catch you all up on Braska’s school situation. In a word—Frustrating.

Here’s the summary…

Positive: She goes to school. She likes to go. She likes the bus. Her teachers are nice.

Needs improvement: Behaviors are becoming an issue at school, not at home. (dropping in the hall, not following directions, being goofy in the bathroom, etc) She’s the class clown, it seems. I am getting very little info or communication unless I prod, though they seem willing to share once I do prod. I’m not convinced our placement arrangement is the best, but I can’t figure out the alternative at this point.  And our beloved private school where Kinlee goes isn’t ready to have B back yet, though they’re working on it.

But she likes it. And she’s doing alright on most days. So I’m trying to be patient.

All that leads back to the article… does seem interesting that kids who, by definition of the generally accepted terms, need “special” consideration of some kind, are lumped in with the “common” goals. 

I’m not a pro, but at least on what it looks like to me, there needs to be a big NEEDS IMPROVEMENT on that report card.

Just sayin’…

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  1. ha! happy to help! I don't even know why I started doing that. I think to make it easy for me to search back since I never did master using tags.

    I have mixed feelings on Common Core. I do like the idea that there should be a minimum amount of things that all kids (typical kids) learn. And that's what it seems like, a national curriculum. As for the IEP piece..that's tricky. Although we do have a MA guide to "access points" which are like modifications. I don't know. I'm kinda over innovation in education - I just want good teachers to do their thing.

    ANYway. I'm sorry things aren't going smoothly. I hope you figure it out.

    And I'm so glad to see you writing here!!!


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