Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 for 21: Missing Auntie Baby Cow


Braska reporting: This summer we had lots of fun with Auntie Julia since she lived at our house and took care of us while Mommy was at work.  And when she was at work, we visited her sometimes.  She’s at college now in Oklahoma, so we don’t get to see her.  We found this picture, so we thought we would put it up because it was a fun day.  (Auntie Ju is in the baby cow costume! That was part of her job.  Fun, huh??)  We always thought it was really funny to keep the secret that we knew who was inside there when we visited…  Hi Auntie Ju!


(Here’s a peek at what Auntie Ju’s been doing at college… we like to listen to her!)

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