Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I could write about

I want to go to bed. It’s late. But I don’t want to forget the list of things in my head that, in an ideal schedule, would be able to be mulled over via blogging… today was a full day.

~Braska was off school, Kinlee “on” school, stayed for chapel with Braska at “the other school” to see her buddies.

~Dashed from chapel to Braska’s parent/teacher conference. It lasted 2 hours. Not bad, but not fully happy. Topics: reg ed time, transitions, behaviors, motivation

~Then ran back across the county to “the other school” to help with lunch and let B enjoy some more time with her friends at lunch and recess.

~Left from there to get downtown to Children’s for newest specialist on B’s team… urology. Trying to rule out medical issues for toilet training frustration. Ruled a few in. Topics: nonemptying bladder, wrong messages between bladder and brain, can be corrected and quick (per dr).

~Straight back to pick up K from Spanish, stopped by physical therapy location with one of very few PTs who works on what B needs help with.  Went by pharmacy for new med.

~Finally made it home to fix dinner and brief M on the happenings of the day and our new list of homework.

More on these later….good night.

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